Are you wondering how to help a child develop friendships?

Perhaps you’re looking for engaging ways to help them learn to play? 

This course teaches you step-by-step:
Strategies to develop children’s early play and social interaction skills
Methods to help children understand the social world around them such as how to start a conversation or understand ‘social norms’

For some children, it can be difficult navigating day to day interactions. From new environments with strangers, to being with familiar friends and teachers at school, these interactions and social expectations can be a challenge.

To help children form and sustain relationships, we can support their development of play and social interaction. 
It can be important to help a child understand the social world around them, including those often tricky 'social norms' and non-verbal cues that don’t just come ‘naturally’. With these practical strategies and helpful ‘tools’ at hand, we can build ways to make social experiences fun and beneficial for children.

To learn about these strategies, I invite you to join the course
Help Me Build Relationships
This short course breaks down the learning of turn-taking, play and social skills to help teach children these valuable skills that will support them to form meaningful relationships.

You will learn the importance of understanding social masking, what to look out for and how to help.

After the course you will have:

a broad understanding of how to nurture early play and interaction skills

an array of practical skills, strategies and resources to support the learning of early social interaction skills that you can implement straight away!

Here's What Our Course Participants Have To Say...

"Another important and enthusiastic course delivered by Steph. Well worth enrolling, will be recommending this to my work colleagues. Thank you."

Rachael Longworth

"I have more knowledge now to help support the children I work with form meaningful relationships and grasp some understanding of non-verbal cues and conversing."


"Lots of useful information about how to develop social communication and interaction in terms of turn taking, making conversation and forming relationships. I have a better understanding about masking, supporting turn taking and developing play skills. Thank you for providing such helpful advice in your course."


Get Equipped with Practical Knowledge and Skills to Nurture Children's Social Interaction Skills

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Hi I’m Steph Reed your Teacher!

Over the past 12 years, I have taught many autistic children, with a wide variety of abilities and complex needs.

I am now a specialist teacher and consultant helping schools and services ensure high quality autism provision and practice, enabling children to achieve and maximise their potential.

I have tailored these online courses to give you accessible, and bite-size, background knowledge in evidence-based approaches, as well as the practical understanding and skills in how to implement strategies and importantly, ensure impact on learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Teachers, teaching assistants, learning support assistants, educational professionals, SENCO's, trainees, parents, carers and anyone interested in learning more about supporting early play and social interaction.

How will the course be taught?

The course will be taught through a series of videos, downloadable resources and reflection tasks. You will have a login and password to access the content and you can complete the course at your own pace.

How long will it take to complete?

Approximately 1 - 2 hours.

How long will I be able to access the content for?

You can access the content whenever you want!

Can I pay via invoice or for more than one course at a time?

Yes! Please email your order to [email protected]

Can I use the course videos and materials for training groups such as during an INSET day or staff meeting?

Yes! You can purchase a group training licence. Please email [email protected] for all group training orders.

What if I need support?

Steph Reed (Autism Specialist) will be available to offer you support at any time during the course, just an email or phone call away!

Is there a money back guarantee or refund option?

The courses are designed to give you valuable information and skills however, if you are not satisfied with the course and let me know within 30 days of purchasing, you will receive a full refund.

“In the time that Steph has been working with my school, I have been able to see a sustained improvement in the provision offered. This has been the case in the growing knowledge and skills of the staff she has worked alongside, the physical environment provided for pupils with ASD and the outcomes for those pupils"

Jess Hutchison, Headteacher at Grazebrook Primary School

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